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Corporate Sponsoring

The Jewish Cultural Quarter receives some 300,000 visitors a year from the Netherlands and around the world. We also reach a growing number of people through social media and other digital channels.

Corporate sponsors of the Jewish Cultural Quarter support many of its activities:

  • The organization of permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • The digital management of the various collections and making them accessible
  • The expansion of the collections
  • Providing national and international leadership regarding the management and presentation of Jewish heritage and advising others on heritage management in the Netherlands and in other countries
  • Research on the Jewish Cultural Quarter's own collections and on others with similar themes
  • Educational programs and various events.

If they wish, sponsors may naturally choose to commit to specific projects within the Jewish Cultural Quarter, such as exhibitions, educational projects, art acquisitions, and research.

We are happy to talk to our sponsors about the best way of shaping our long-term partnership. This will include the Jewish Cultural Quarter taking certain action in exchange for this sponsorship, such as making the relationship visible through its media messages (both offline and online). The Jewish Cultural Quarter’s different locations are also very suitable for networking and other receptions with your business partners, employee meetings, and guided tours around the exhibitions. We will be happy to inform you about the various possibilities.

For more information please contact the Development Department:

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