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Discover what being Jewish is all about

From Spinoza to Shabbat

Who were the Jews who began settling in the Netherlands around 1600? What do Jews celebrate on Pesach? And why do Jews wear a kippah? Come and find out at the Jewish Museum.

Through personal stories, unique objects and art you’ll find out everything you ever wanted to know about Jewish religion, history and culture. You’ll learn about Jewish customs, rituals and festivals and you’ll see how Jews keep those traditions alive today.

Discover Jewish life then and now and everything in between.

Not to be missed

One of the Jewish Museum’s finest exhibits is the silver Rintel chanukiah, named after Sara Rintel. She donated this magnificent candelabrum to the Great Synagogue in 1753. A chanukiah is for the eight-day festival of Chanukah. Each day, one extra light is lit.

The Rintel chanukiah is over a metre tall and a metre and a half wide (!), and was made specially for the Great Synagogue. Today, the Great Synagogue is home to the Jewish Museum, but the Rintel is there too. It stands where it always stood for over two hundred years.

For the whole family

Turn right in the Jewish Museum lobby and you’ll find yourself in the Jewish Museum junior. This is the Hollander family home: a Jewish home for children aged 6 to 12. Everything here is to pick up and use.

Each of the Hollanders experiences being Jewish in a different way and they’ll tell you about their life. You can bake a challah in the kitchen, learn to write your name in Hebrew and in the attic you’ll enjoy some Jewish music. Are you coming?

The Jewish Museum + junior has been awarded to be a Kidsproof museum 2024. This quality seal by and for children is an initiative of the Museum Association and is best compared to the Michelin stars of the museum world.

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