Families and children

A visit to the Jewish Cultural Quarter is a fun learning experience for the whole family. Find out together what being Jewish is all about. A ticket is valid for all our venues. Perfect, because each location has something different to share.

  • Fun for kids from the age of 6

  • Free activities

  • Specially for children

Jewish Museum junior

Children aged 6+

Jewish Museum junior is designed as a Jewish family home. Each room has something different to discover. In the kitchen you learn what kosher means and how to bake a real Jewish challah. In the study room you find out how to write your name in Hebrew and learn how to care better for each other and the world.

Everything in the house is to pick up and use. There’s a music room and a talking wall. The wall tells the history of the Jews of Amsterdam. It’s damaged and will never be fixed, so no one will ever forget what the war has destroyed.

Jewish Museum

Children aged 10+

The Jewish Museum takes you on a journey through time. It starts 400 years ago, when Jews first began to settle in Amsterdam. Where were they from? What traditions did they bring? And what still survives of those traditions? Try the free family guided tour during school holidays.

The Jewish Museum is in an extraordinary building. Four extraordinary buildings, to be precise. Four historic synagogues in fact. As you can tell from details such as the stair rails, the tall windows and the high ceilings. The four synagogues have been combined to form a single museum. 

Useful to know

We're looking forward to welcoming you! Here’s some practical information to ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Kids under 6 can visit the Jewish Museum + junior for free

Tickets for age 6 to 12 are € 6,00

Tickets for age 13 to 17 are € 9,00

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Please don't bring large backpacks, bags, suitcases or trolleys into the museum. Small articles may be left in a locker in the cloakroom area.

Food or drinks are not permitted in the museum galleries. But we’re happy to welcome you in our museum café. The café serves kosher food, so to ensure the Jewish dietary laws are maintained, please don't bring your own food in the café.

Prams and buggies are welcome throughout the museum. This also applies to wheelchairs and other mobility aids. All floors are accessible by lift.