Four centuries of Jewish culture at four locations

Gevel Hollandsche Schouwburg
Henriëtte Pimenteltuin in het Nationaal Holocaustmuseum

Open for everyone

Hallo. Hello. Bonjour. Guten Tag. שלום

Welcome to the Jewish Cultural Quarter. Four centuries of Jewish culture spread over four venues, all within a single square kilometre. Find out what being Jewish is all about in the heart of Amsterdam’s old Jewish area. Wander amid the history, learn about the religion and discover typical Jewish traditions. From new and modern to deep-rooted and ancient.

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Practical information

Jewish Museum + junior

Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1
1011 PL Amsterdam
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Portuguese Synagogue

Mr Visserplein 3
1011 RD Amsterdam
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National Holocaust Museum

Plantage Middenlaan 29
1018 DB Amsterdam
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Hollandsche Schouwburg

Plantage Middenlaan 24
1018 DE Amsterdam
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The Jewish Cultural Quarter is open (almost) every day from 10am to 5pm. The Portuguese Synagogue has different opening times. Check in advance to ensure the location you want to visit is open.

Opening times for Jewish Museum + junior
Opening times for Portuguese Synagogue
Opening times National Holocaust Museum
Opening Times Hollandsche Schouwburg

Jewish Museum junior is specially designed for children (6+). Here children learn through play what being Jewish is about.

  • The Jewish Museum and Portuguese Synagogue is suitable for children from the age of 10.
  • For the National Holocaust Museum and Hollandsche Schouwburg we also advise a minimum age of 10. By that age children can empathise, they can understand the difference between then and now and they realise what it means to remember and to commemorate.

View our tips for visits with children.

Free audio guides are available at all our locations. These provide you with extra background information. Headphones or earpods are not required.

At all our locations, we offer free audio guides in:

  • Dutch
  • English

In the Jewish Museum and Portugese Synagogue, they are also available in:

  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Various guided tours are also available every day.
View our guided tours.

All our locations are accessible for wheelchair users. We also have tours for the hard of hearing and for visitors with a visual impairment.
View our guided tours.

From infants to high school, you’ll find out everything you always wanted to know about Judaism at the Jewish Cultural Quarter. Our educational programmes, tours and walks help you to learn from and with each other.

View our school activities.

Statement regarding the War in Israel and Gaza

The Jewish Cultural Quarter is profoundly concerned by the war and the consequences this conflict has had, first and foremost for the citizens of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

We stand for a just and secure resolution for all those directly involved. There can be no question regarding Israel’s right to exist and we support the right of Palestinians to autonomy.

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