Behind the scenes

till May 5

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes is a photo exhibition depicting the development of the National Holocaust Museum over the past three years. The more than eighty photos provide an insight into what and who is involved in the creation of a museum. Featuring portraits by Coco Olakunle and documentary photography by Nienke Fonk and Iris Haverkamp Begemann.

A museum should feel natural, as if it were not actually made by people. Objects and words, design and perspective; all perfectly aligned. Yet, this museum exists thanks to the thousands of decisions taken by the people behind the scenes. From the first day of construction, a diverse team of carpenters, architects, interior designers, exhibition builders, electrician, interns, restorers, cabinetmakers, photo, film and audio technicians, security experts, horticultural advisers, cleaners, light designers, mount-makers, fundraisers and artists joined the workforce in successive phases. In Behind the scenes you'll meet some of these people.

Header: Staircase under construction on the National Holocaust Museum roof. Photo: Iris Haverkamp Begemann

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Restoring the teddy bear. Photo: Nienke Fonk