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The National Holocaust Museum (under establishment) is located in Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Quarter, opposite the Hollandsche Schouwburg building. During World War II, this building – formerly a teacher training college/seminary – was used, with help from the resistance, to smuggle hundreds of children to places of relative safety.

On 2 February 2020, the National Holocaust Museum (under establishment) will temporarily close for renovation work. In 2022, we hope to open a new National Holocaust Museum in these two buildings on opposite sides of the street. We will then be able to tell the story of the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands from this exceptional, highly significant location. A story of exclusion, persecution and murder – but also of salvation, survival and solidarity. 

Read here why it is important that we have a National Holocaust Museum, and how you can be involved in this.

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11.00 - 17.00
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Gateway for Jewish children during the war [in Dutch]

Joods Monument

Jewish Monument

Online monument for the Dutch victims of the Holocaust

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