Eden and the Golden Rule

till December 31

Put on your VR headset and take a magical trip with Eden to find out what the Golden Rule is all about. A guide to life that has existed for thousands of years and is found in cultures throughout the world: ‘Don’t do anything to other people that you wouldn’t want them to do to you.’ Sounds simple, but is it really that easy to stick to this rule? In a series of unique encounters with the wise teacher Hillel, the Bedouin girl Mahara, a talking wolf and Robbie the Robot you can discover how to treat other people better, and world around you.

Eden and the Golden Rule is a virtual-reality experience for young and old, for everyone willing to see the world through a VR headset.

About the maker: Abner Preis
Eden and the Golden Rule is devised by VR artist and storyteller Abner Preis. In 2019, Abner Preis won a Gouden Leeuw jury prize for the best international media project on Cinekid.

Children’s author Bibi Dumon Tak helped write the text. She has won various prizes with her books, including a Gouden Griffel and Theo Thijssen prize for children’s and young adult literature. For the Jewish Museum junior, she wrote ‘Mijn huis, jouw huis’, a poetry collection illustrated by Fiep Westendorp.

The exhibition features art by Ida Kleiterp.