Conditions for lending and borrowing

Request a loan from the Jewish Museum

Loan applications

The Jewish Cultural Quarter tries to show as much of its own collection as possible elsewhere and has a generous loan policy. Conditions are that the applicant institution meets the loan conditions and that the requested objects are available.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter endorses the "smarter borrowing" principles of the Museumvereniging.

A loan request must be submitted at least six months before the start of the desired loan period. The loan period starts two weeks before the opening date of an exhibition. Only written requests will be processed.

Loan requests cannot always be honored. That is why it is wise to research our collection well in advance of the official application via this website. Any questions can be answered via

Terms and costs
Before you make an official loan request, first review the conditions to be able to test whether your institution can meet the requested loan conditions. You can download them here.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter does not request a loan payment. However, a borrower must take into account costs for:

  • Transport by an accredited art transport company.
  • Insurance of the works during transport and stay.
  • Packing material.
  • If applicable: costs for conservation or restoration treatments. The costs of this are announced in advance.
  • If applicable: costs for transport, hotel with breakfast and per diem for the courier.

Different arrangements apply for traveling exhibitions.

Official application
An official loan application consists of:

  • Name and address and authorized signatory of the applicant institution.
  • Name and contact details of the contact person.
  • Title and dates of the exhibition.
  • Substantiation of the application.
  • List of the requested objects with inventory numbers.
  • A facilities report from the applicant institution, preferably according to the AAM (American Association of Museums) model. The facilities report is treated confidentially. 
  • Climate data of the room where the work will be exhibited from the same period as the loan period.

The signed application is addressed to the general manager of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, mr. Emile Schrijver, and is digitally sent to

The Jewish Cultural Quarter strives to provide a definitive answer to the application within two months.

The loan conditions can also be downloaded as a PDF, click here

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