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From chicken soup to matzos, and from pear kugel to gefilte fish: many Jewish dishes are eaten all over the world, but some are truly Dutch. You can try a few of them here. Jewish cooking is partly determined by dietary laws that prescribe what you may and may not eat. At the same time, the scattering of the Jewish people throughout the world has resulted in a wide variety of tastes.

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All products sold in the Museum Cafe are either dairy or parve, and kosher. Most ingredients are produced by our suppliers under rabbinical supervision or approved by the NIHS and PIG rabbinates. Exceptions are various items produced inhouse and new vegan items produced by the Jewish bakery Urban Bakers. The Museum Cafe does not have a kashrut certificate.

Lunch options for groups

We kindly ask groups of 10 to 25 people to make a reservation through the Sales & Events Department. Send them an e-mail or call them at +31 20 5310 380.

We offer the following options:

  • Coffee and tea arrangement
    - Coffee/tea and cookie €2.70
    - Coffee/tea and an assortment of small pastries (brownie, butter cake, matzo pie) €7.00
    - Coffee/tea and bolus €7.50
  • Luxury sandwich lunch €17.50
    - Various sandwiches (egg salad, tuna salad, hummus, cheese, smoked salmon), orange and water.
    - Soup of the day € 3.80
    - Hummus, baba ganoush and pita €2.50 p.p.
  • Typical Jewish lunch €22.50
    - Tasting of various breads, spreads and snacks (egg salad, latke with apple sauce, tuna salad, gefilte fish, cream cheese, smoked salmon, fish cakes with mustard), horseradish sauce, butter and salad, orange juice and water.
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