Museum café

Welcome to the Jewish kitchen

Jews eat kosher. Put simply, that means you don't mix dairy and meat products, and some animals you don't eat at all. Only animals with split hooves that also chew the cud. Basically, that's cows, sheep and goats. And no pork. Chicken is definitely okay though. As are fish with scales, like salmon and mackeral. But not shellfish, so no oysters, lobster or prawns.

Come and enjoy the delicious Jewish delicacies at our museum café in the Jewish Museum and the National Holocaust Museum. Have you ever tried pear kugel? Stewed pear in sweet almond pastry served hot: a classic Dutch Jewish dessert. And baked with neshomme. Visit the museum café, and on Sundays, you might be fortunate enough to encounter the tasting table. Where You can then enjoy small Jewish dishes and learn about the unique stories behind these dishes.

Visiting in a group?

For groups of 8 people or more who want to enjoy Jewish delicacies, we offer a variety of packages in the museum café.

Practical information

The museum café is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

All products sold in the Museum Café are either dairy or parve, and kosher. Most ingredients are produced by our suppliers under rabbinical supervision or approved by the NIHS and KKTT rabbinates. Exceptions are various items produced in-house and a selection of new vegan products from the Jewish bakery Urban Bakers.

The museum café does not have a hechsher.

For those who prefer, a selection of snacks made under rabbinical supervision is available. For more information, please ask our staff.

In the Jewish Cultural Quarter you can only pay with your debit card and major credit cards.

Hire the museum café

Our museum café is ideal for, receptions, lectures and all kinds of gatherings. Arrange the pleasant, sunlit setting any way you want. Use our projection wall and beamer for a professional presentation or organise the tables restaurant-style for a convivial dinner. And leave the kosher catering to us.

Wondering whether our museum café is the right fit for your event?

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