Welcome to the Jewish Cultural Quarter. Four centuries of Jewish culture at four venues, all within a single square kilometre in the heart of Amsterdam.

Who are we?

The Jewish Cultural Quarter comprises the Jewish Museum + junior, Portuguese Synagogue, Hollandsche Schouwburg and National Holocaust Museum.

In four venues encompassing over four centuries of Jewish life in the Netherlands we share the world of Jewish history, art and culture in a wide range of exhibitions, events and publications.

The Jewish Cultural Quarter is where the inquisitive meet and discover.

What do we stand for?

We welcome everyone. Jewish culture connects with other cultures in many ways. We know what being a minority is all about and what it’s like to be a newcomer.

It’s a vital perspective in today’s increasingly vociferous debate about inequality, exclusion, racism and antisemitism. In our exhibitions and programmes, we explore themes such as freedom, identity and rights as we do our bit to build a more just society.

How do we do that?

Our approach is founded on the Jewish tradition of always continuing to learn. You can see that in our exhibitions, programmes and research. We marvel, discern, confront and explore.

It’s not always easy to consider new ideas that seem to conflict with your own. That's why we developed I ASK as a way for guides to develop their receptivity to new information, experiences and views.

Today, I ASK has evolved into something more than a training course for guides. It's the foundation for our exhibitions and educational programmes.