National Holocaust Museum

Learn all about the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands

Learn all about the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands

The National Holocaust Museum tells the story of the Nazi persecution and murder of the Jews of the Netherlands. Before the Second World War, Jews and non-Jews lived side by side. They had the same rights. But during the war, the Nazis and their collaborators killed around six million Jews in Europe. That was the Holocaust or Shoah.

This is the first and only museum to relate the history of the persecution of the Jews of the entire Netherlands. Including the day-to-day life of Jews on the eve of the Second World War, the liberation as Jews experienced it, and how the Holocaust has been treated in our national culture of remembrance: all this is examined in the museum.

© Mike Bink

© Mike Bink

Extraordinary place

The National Holocaust Museum is set in a historic location, a former teacher training college. During the war, the Nazis used the kindergarten next door as a deportation site for Jewish children. Director Henriëtte Pimentel helped hundreds escape, often through the college.


Listen to the unforgettable stories of Rosa, Chaja, George, Klaartje, Siem, and Leny. Through six personal objects and the stories they carry, podcast maker Reinjan Prakke takes you on a journey through the history of the Holocaust in the Netherlands. The podcast 'Forget me not' begins just before World War II, recounts the systematic persecution and murder during the occupation, and sheds new light on the period after liberation. Available in Dutch only.

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