The first Jews to settle in 's-Graveland arrived in the town in 1811 from Hilversum and Assen. During the first half of the nineteenth century, the Jewish population of 's-Graveland remained too small to permit the formation of an independent community. Only in 1859, in the aftermath of the resolution of a conflict and split within the Jewish community at nearby Hilversum -- to which the Jews of 's-Graveland formally belonged at the time -- was the 's-Graveland community granted independent status. The community was merged back into that of Hilversum in 1906. At the time, most of the Jews in 's-Graveland worked as butchers.

Between 1858 en 1906, the Jews of 's-Graveland maintained a synagogue of their own located in in the backroom of a building located in the Noordereinde. The front room of the building served as the community's schoolroom. The 's-Graveland community buried its dead in a cemetery located in the Koninginneweg in the village of Kortenhoef. Only ten gravestones remain to be seen in the cemetery which currently is maintained by the local authorities.

The Jewish population of 's-Graveland

The size of the Jewish community over time