Prentbriefkaart van de synagoge aan de Lithsedijk in Lith, ca. 1904

Postcard of the synagogue and the Lithsedijk in Lith, ca. 1904

From the middle of the eighteenth century, the town of Lith had some Jewish inhabitants. They used a rented room for their religious services. In 1818, a house on the Lithsedijk was bought for the same purpose. However, the rented room also remained in use for the time being. From 1821, Lith was a Bijkerk van de Ringsynagoge Oss. In 1851, a house in the middle of the village was purchased and converted into a house of worship. The synagogue was consecrated a year later and then refurbished again in 1866 and 1894.

Over the course of the nineteenth century, the Jewish population of Lith declined to such an extent that the synagogue was sold by the municipality in 1911. The sale caused so many problems that it prompted a major change in the NIK's regulations. From a federation of Jewish communities, it became a single denomination of which the individual communities became part.

Although the Jewish community of Lith had a number of associations, including a burial society, it did not have a cemetery. Presumably, the dead were buried in Geffen.

The Jewish community of Lith was dissolved in 1919 and merged into that of Oss. The synagogue had been converted into a residence five years earlier.

The Jewish population of Lith and surroundings:

The size of the Jewish community over time