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The Jewish Cultural Quarter collection reflects four centuries of Jewish culture and history in the Netherlands.

Our collection

We preserve and curate a large collection of art, historical objects, documents, photos, books, music and films relating to the history, religion, art and culture of Jews in the Netherlands.

Each year the collection acquires hundreds of new objects, especially from private donors.

How does that work?

We have procedures for acquiring objects that allow us to consider carefully whether our collection is the right place for a particular item. After all, not everything we are offered is suitable for our collection.

We present our collection in various ways both at our locations as well as online. The Jewish Cultural Quarter reserves the right to determine whether and when the above-mentioned objects will be displayed in an exhibition and we will refrain from making any commitments.

We’re interested in the following types of objects:

Artworks and objects, documents, photos, publications, film and audio recordings linked to the religious, cultural, social and economic history of Jews in the Netherlands and countries with a Dutch connection.

Artworks and objects with a (Dutch-linked) Jewish theme made by Jews in the Netherlands, and occasionally also abroad.

Artworks and objects with a Dutch-Jewish theme by non-Jewish Dutch makers.

Artworks and objects, documents, photos, publications, film and audio recordings linked to antisemitism in the Netherlands and the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands and territories with a Dutch connection.

Objects that link to one or more of the victims of the Holocaust with a Dutch connection.

Deductible donations

Under certain circumstances donations may be fiscally deductible. Various conditions apply, so if you propose to donate an object. Send an e-mail for more information.

How to donate an object

Do you have an object suitable for our collection that you would like to donate? Mail us a brief description with a few photos.

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