400 years of Jewish life in the Netherlands


What you'll see

In the Jewish Museum, our tour guide will lead you through 400 years of Jewish culture, religion and history. From the arrival of the first Jewish migrants around 1600 to a Jewish wedding today.

Our tour starts with an introduction to the Jewish religion. What’s a damaged Torah doing in the museum? To Jewish festivals, HEMA and Bijenkorf department stores and typical Jewish traditions, exploring how modern Jews experience being Jewish.

Group size

This tour is suitable for groups of between 10 and 15 people. It lasts one hour, in which time you’ll learn about the Jewish religion, culture and history. Appropriate for visitors aged 12 and up.

Any questions? So ask! We want your tour to be about what interests you.

Group size: 10 or more

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum: 15 persons
Price: €90.00 + museumticket
Languages: Dutch, English, Hebrew, German, French and Spanish