Guided tour of the Portuguese Synagogue


What you'll see

What happens in a synagogue service? What are all those objects in the treasure chambers? And why do they have sand on the floor? Discover the answers to these and a host of questions when you take our interactive tour of the Portuguese Synagogue.

The magnificent Portuguese Synagogue was built in 1675 and has remained unchanged ever since. Worshippers still sit on the original 17th-century seats. The synagogue still serves as a house of prayer. And weddings are still celebrated here.

Group size

Guided tours are available for groups of between ten and fifteen people. Your guide will show you around the synagogue, the basement treasure chambers and the peripheral buildings. Our tours are suitable for adults and children from the age of 12.

Any questions? So ask! We want your tour to be about what interests you.

Group size: 10 or more

Duration: 1 hour
Max: 15 persons
Price: € 90.00 + museumticket
Languages: Dutch, English, Hebrew, German, French and Spanish