Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum is a museum created especially for younger visitors inside the Jewish Historical Museum. It is part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.

Here children can get to know something about Jewish life and Jewish tradition in an entertaining way. The museum’s interior is set up like the home of Jewish family. Every day children can bake mini-hallahs (braided bread rolls) in the kosher kitchen, learn a bit of Hebrew in the study, or play tunes together in the music room. Building bridges to other cultures is also a focus for the Children's Museum, for instance by having schools (from diverse backgrounds) over for a visit.

Become a Museum Inspector!

Download this cool app and use it to inspect and review the Children’s Museum! This is a great way of exploring the museum, besides which you will also have a chance of winning a €50 voucher! Ask the staff at the reception desk for more information.

Admission & tickets

11.00 - 17.00
11.00 - 17.00
Sometimes this location has irregular opening times.
Adressen en route
We are located right in the center of Amsterdam in the Jewish Historical Museum.

JHM Kindermuseum - spreekbeurt - werkstuk. Foto: Chris van Hout

Group and School visits

Visit the Children's Museum in a group or with your class

JHM Kinderfeestjes

Children's Parties

Organize an awesome party with your friends!

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