The Jewish community at Vierlingsbeek was founded in 1859. Prior to then, Jews living in Vierlingsbeek belonged to the Jewish community at Cuijk. From 1850 until 1930 a synagogue, housed in a building on the Spoorstraat dating from 1756, functioned in Vierlingsbeek.

De Heilige Ark van de synagoge te Vierlingsbeek, opgesteld in het Waaggebouw te Amsterdam, 1984

The Holy Ark of the synagogue in Vierlingsbeek, 1984



A Jewish cemetery serving Vierlingsbeek and its surroundings was established between the present-day Spoorstraat and Molenstraat sometime at the end of the 18th century.

The Jewish community at Vierlingsbeek never grew to be very large and over the early decades of the 20th century declined to the point that it was merged into the Jewish community at Boxmeer in 1930. The diminutive Holy Ark of the former synagogue at Vierlingsbeek now stands in the synagogue at Oss.

The Jewish cemetery at Vierlingsbeek is maintained by the local authorities of Boxmeer. The cemetery was restored in 1989. During the course of restoration a plaque was mounted on the wall of the cemetery in memory of the Jews of the region deported and murdered during the Second World War.

The Jewish population of Vierlingsbeek and surroundings:

The size of the Jewish community over time