A number of Jewish families lived in Oosterhout at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In 1822, one member of the community purchased a plot of land on the Vrachelse Heide to establish a cemetery. From 1827 onwards, this cemetery was used by the Jewish communities of Oosterhout, Breda and Geertruidenberg. At about the same time, Oosterhout was granted the status of Bijkerk; prior to that time, it belonged to the Jewish community of Breda.

In 1866, a synagogue was consecrated in Oosterhout on the St. Janstraat, which would remain in use until 1899. In that year, the synagogue was sold and the building was given a different purpose. The Jewish community of Oosterhout was dissolved in 1910 and merged into that of Geertruidenberg. The cemetery is still used by the Jewish community of Breda.

Since the end of 2003, the cemetery on the Vrachelse Heide, the caretaker's house, the tahara house, and the kohanim house have been protected municipal monuments.

The Jewish population of Oosterhout and surroundings:

The size of the Jewish community over time