Terms and conditions

Applying for permission to take photos or film for commercial use signals your agreement to our terms and conditions. So read them carefully.


  • Since many of the exhibits are irreplaceable, a Jewish Cultural Quarter employee will be on hand to supervise at all times.
  • Please keep your crew to a minimum, both personnel and equipment.
  • Always follow your accompanying museum employee’s instructions.
  • Your accompanying employee may decide that you should stop recording or photographing. Please comply immediately.

We will require proof that you have the necessary liability insurance.

  • No commercial photography or filming is permitted without prior agreement.
  • Always remain at least one metre away from objects. That includes walls, cabinets and bookcases.

  • Do not photograph or film security equipment, exits and entrances, storage room doors or access routes to storage areas.
  • Do not photograph or film visitors or Jewish Cultural Quarter staff without their explicit consent.

  • Commercial photos and film may only be used for the production specified in your agreement.
  • Please apply for permission in advance if you wish to reuse the recorded material in a new edition or a follow-up production.
  • Corrections to factual errors must at be adopted without fail.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw permission for the use of visual material recorded at the Jewish Cultural Quarter at any time, up to and including the final phase of production. This applies equally to accompanying texts.
  • We will allocate a maximum of 4 hours for your shoot.
  • The Jewish Museum + junior and Portuguese Synagogue are available for photography and film from Monday to Thursday between 8am and 5pm, preferably before the museum opens, i.e., between 8am-10am.
  • Ets Haim Library is available for photography and film from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm.

  • Please dismantle your equipment for the shoot by 4.30pm to comply with the 5pm closing time.
  • Note that some areas are not available for film or photography when the museum is open to the public (10am to 5pm).
  • Photography and film are not permitted on Jewish festivals.
  • Photography and film are not permitted after dark unless specifically agreed and for an additional fee.
  • We charge a basic fee of €250 with an additional €40 an hour for your accompanying museum employee.
  • Any other out-of-pocket costs relating to your production, such as after-hours shoots, will also be charged to you.
  • You specify in advance which objects you wish to film or photograph (with regard to potential rights issues).
  • You specify in advance which objects you wish to film in close-up (to obtain the owner’s consent).
  • We agree clearly in advance regarding the filming of free-standing objects and the use of ancillary lighting.
  • We set time limits: the agreed finishing time is definitive.
  • We agree in advance regarding the locations in which you will film and photograph. Any changes to this arrangement require explicit permission.
  • Use of a drone requires written permission and is subject to government restrictions.
  • Please mail us your (draft) script or plan at least ten working days before your shoot.
  • Please mail us your definitive script or plan at least five working days before your shoot.
  • If any changes are made to the content of your production, please let us know at least a week before your shoot.
  • Please supply the names of your crew at least a week before your shoot.
  • Always let us know if any changes to the arrangement occur, however late.

Please mention the Jewish Cultural Quarter clearly in your production credits (e.g., ‘with thanks to the Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam’), at the end of the film, or in your promotional material.

  • Certain requirements apply at all Jewish Cultural Quarter locations. Please ensure that your arms and legs are covered.
  • At the Portuguese Synagogue everyone who identifies as a man are required to wear a head covering: skullcaps (kippot) are available at the entrance. This applies to the main synagogue and the winter synagogue.
  • Coats and bags not required for the production should be left in a locker or at the cloakroom.

Please do not bring your own food or drink into Jewish Cultural Quarter premises. For refreshments, please make use of our museum café.

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