Photo service

We can supply high-resolution images of books, (academic) publications or articles from our collection.

Request an image

High-resolution images of most of our material can be ordered if we own the copyright.

For material that is copyrighted elsewhere we can put you in touch with the rights holders. If you have received permission, we will supply the desired image.

Please send your request by email and include:

Object number


Image description


Maker or author


Purpose of the image



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Prices for use of an image in a publication.

  • Single use: €50 excluding VAT
  • Use as a cover for a single edition: €250 excluding VAT

If digital images are unavailable, we can scan them for you.

  • €10 per scan for the first 10 scans
  • €1.50 per scan for subsequent scans

More information

Anton Kras

Photo Service

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