Forget your name

till July 7

Forget your name is a presentation of five animations. Survivors tell stories of when they went into hiding as children during the Second World War. Their illustrated stories are on view in in the Kunstkabinet until July 7.

During the Second World War, approximately 28,000 Jews went into hiding in the Netherlands to escape persecution. They included a large number of children, almost all of whom were told to forget their names.
What did it feel like not to hear your own name anymore? Where were you supposed to go? Who could you trust? What did you do when you were scared?

Documentary filmmaker Marcel Prins posed these questions to people who went into hiding as children and thus survived the Shoah (Holocaust). Designer Marcel van der Drift illustrated their stories, five of which are told in this exhibition.

Marcel Prins’s documentary film Forget Your Name is screened every month in the auditorium of the Jewish Museum. Check our agenda for screening times.

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