Kabbalah. The Art of Jewish Mysticism

29 March 2019 - 25 August 2019


Kabbalah is a collective term for ancient Jewish mystical traditions that are still extremely influential today. Few people truly understand what Kabbalah is or the rich source of inspiration it has been for so many for centuries: from medieval mystics to famous writers, artists, and performers such as Kiefer, Barnett Newman, and Madonna. What is it about Kabbalah that fascinates these artists? And what aspects of it do we see in their work?

Visitors will discover what Kabbalah really is through key art exhibits combined with various levels of information available at locations in the Jewish Historical Museum and elsewhere in the Jewish Cultural Quarter. They will also learn about how these ancient, secret Jewish teachings developed from being under the purview of a select few to becoming universal wisdom that inspires large numbers of people around the world, particularly artists.

This exhibition is an exciting journey of discovery at different locations in Amsterdam’s Jewish Cultural Quarter.

[Credit photo]
Steve Schapiro, David Bowie In Diagonal Stripes © Getty Images


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