Benefactors Ets Haim

Today we appreciate the significant need to preserve such a valuable piece of history and are undertaking a project to ensure the library's collection is properly cataloged, preserved, and restored.

Our aim is to safeguard the books and papers themselves as well as make the knowledge they contain accessible to future generations. We hope you will join us as part of our collective responsibility to protect this heritage and memory for the world and we look forward to sharing the library's treasures with people across the globe for many years to come.

Ets Haim is supported by:

Private funds and donations

Micky Malka / Becky Kleiner
Donors of the Sponsor Dinner 2022
Friends of the Jewish Cultural Quarter

Do you want to support Ets Haim?

Donations are warmly welcome to the IBAN account number: NL89 RABO 0195 2085 28
To: Stichting Vrienden Joods Cultureel Kwartier

With reference: V2306

The Foundation for the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam (EIN 13-3329464) supports efforts to preserve and restore the Ets Haim collection as a registered tax-exempt organisation in the United States. We gratefully welcome tax-deductible contributions via check, donor[1]advised fund, and wire transfer.

The Foundation for the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam
c/o Mr. L.S. Ullman, treasurer
44 South Bayles Avenue, Suite 210
Port Washington, NY 11050, USA
Phone: +1 516-439-5252
Account: 447 001 124 (First National Bank of Long Island)

Tax exempt-number of the Foundation: 13-3329464

Anita Soer

Head of development