Sunday 20 January, 14.30 – 16.00

This event is part of the program following the exhibition The Institute of Ongoing Things of Israeli artist Uri Katzenstein. At the start of the event artist Marianna Maruyama and composer Andrius Arutiunian will introduce the art of multidisciplinary artist Sedje Hémon in a performance and put her work in the context of a variety of artists, writers and composers. The performance will be followed by a screening of Uri Katzenstein’s work. Dr Noa Roei of the University of Amsterdam will subsequently lead a panel discussion with prof. dr. Mattijs Van de Port, Amit Gur and Ronit Eden about the relationship between visuals and music.

The presentation of Sedje Hémon - Hidden Agreements will be on Friday May 24th, 2019, in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

View the work of Uri Katzenstein featured in The Institute of Ongoing Things: http://katzenstein.jck.nl/

• Uri Katzenstein (1951¬–2018) was an Israeli sculptor, performance artist, musician, filmmaker and builder of sound machines. Among others, he represented Israel in the Venice Biennale (2001) and participated in the International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires (first prize, 2002). His performance works have been shown in theatres and galleries in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Cardiff (Wales), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), New York and Tel Aviv.
• Sedje Hémon (1923-2011, born Sedje Frank) was a Dutch visual artist and composer, who, throughout her long career, developed a distinguished and individual artistic voice both with her paintings and compositions. Sedje Hémon’s theory of the “integration of the arts” aimed to prove the common origin of all arts. , http://sedjehemon.org/
• Marianna Maruyama is an artist and Andrius Arutiunian a composer. Both artists reside in Sedje Hémon’s former home in The Hague, to research the archives and generate new work.
• prof. dr. Mattijs Van de Port, works at the department of Anthropology of both the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam
• Amit Gur is a composer and music researcher. Gur is currently doing his PhD on 'Perception of Texture In Music' at the University of Antwerp.
• Ronit Eden is guest curator of the current exhibition of Uri Katzenstein, The Institute of Ongoing Things
• Dr. Noa Roei is Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature and Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam

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