Film + introduction: False Testimony (Version 3)

Sunday 4 June 2017 14.30 - 15.30

Screening of the short opera film False Testimony, part of an installation with the same name showing in the Kunstkabinet, by the Hungarian artist Hajnal Németh. With an introduction by the artist.

The libretto is inspired by the 1981 Hungarian film classic Verzió (Version) by Miklós Erdély about the Tiszaeszlár affair, a long and drawn-out murder case at the end of the nineteenth century. On 1 April 1882, Eszter Solymosi, a fourteen-year-old girl from the Hungarian village of Tiszaeszlár, does not return from running an errand. Within no time, the Jewish population of the village is suspected and a rumour makes the rounds that Eszter is the victim of a Jewish ritual murder (blood libel). At the time, the trial fanned the flames of antisemitism in Hungarian society.

The choir and soloists in the film False Testimony re-enact the scene in which the key witness of the alleged incident, a thirteen-year-old boy, is forced to declare before the court that Eszter Solymosi was ritually slaughtered in the local synagogue. He repeats his false statement over and over again.

The artist alludes to the dilemmas of Hungarian post-Holocaust Jewish identity by placing the story in a modern setting.

Sung and spoken in Hungarian | English subtitles

Hajnal Németh will introduce the film in English.

Jewish Historical Museum - Auditorium
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1
1011 PL, Amsterdam

Admission: free-of-charge when you show your ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter
Time: 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm

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