Candlelightconcert: Oleg Fateev & Oene van Geel + Charlotte Basalo Vázquez

Thursday June 22, 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Several times a year, the hundreds of burning candles and the beautiful acoustics provide unique concert evenings in the Portuguese Synagogue. On June 22, the duo Oleg Fateev and Oene van Geel will play together with violinist Charlotte Basalo Vazquez for the first time.

Charlotte Basalo Vázquez first was violinist of the Dostoevsky Quartet for many years and now plays with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Pynarello. Fateev and Van Geel have been playing together for many years and they know how to combine warmblooded music with playful freshness. Whatever they play, the music always tells a story. As they say themselves: 'Where the wind howls and dances wildly, we know where to find eachother.'

Fateev Grew up in Moldova and is a vituoso on the bajan, the Russian variant of the button accordion. His musical world ranges from Balkan music Bach, from the Russian tango to the rich South American music tradition. Van Geel alsow grew up with Balkan music, with klezmer and folk, and later delved into jazz and Indian music, among other things.

Charlotte Basalo Vázquez – violin
Oleg Fateev – bajan Chromatic button accordion
Oene van Geel – five-string violin, cello

Portugese Synagoge
Mr. Visserplein 3

7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)


Pictures: Fred Polet, Paul Janssen, Foppe Schut

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