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The Jewish Cultural Quarter houses the Netherlands' biggest Jewish heritage collection, available for everyone to search.

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Our knowledge and resource centre is the Jewish Cultural Quarter's memory. This is where the Jewish Museum, Portuguese Synagogue and Ets Haim library collections are housed.

Everyone can search our collection. Whether you're doing academic research or want to learn about your family history.

Most of the collection is available online. At our knowledge and resource centres at the Jewish Museum and National Holocaust Museum you can look up books, archive material and photos.

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Jewish Museum knowledge and resource centre

The Jewish Museum's knowledge and resource centre provides a comprehensive history of the Jews in the Netherlands.

From historical documents to artworks, photos, music and a biographical database, as well as an archive of press cuttings.

All that material is available for you to access and examine in our reading room.

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Ets Haim library

Ets Haim - Livraria Montezinos is the oldest operating Jewish library in the world. It has around 550 manuscripts from between 1282 and 1945, and 30,000 printed works (from 1474 to the present day). Around 65% is in Hebrew.

Ets Haim (Tree of Life) was founded in 1616 and is accessible for (academic) research by appointment.

Not a researcher but still want to take a look inside? Book a guided tour.

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Getting started with research

Have I got Jewish ancestors? Where can I find reliable information about the Second World War? Research isn't always straightforward, especially if you don't know where to begin.

To help you get started, we developed a research guide. It offers lists of reliable sources, selected collection items and shows how to do successful research.

How can I research my family history?


Where can I find eye-witness accounts of the Holocaust?


How can I find information about the role of the resistance?


Jewish Monument

The Jewish Monument is an online monument to over 104,000 Jews who were persecuted in the Netherlands and did not survive the Holocaust.

This is where we collect their stories and memories. The monument provides a survey of the history of the Second World War, the Shoah and the Jewish community in the Netherlands from different perspectives.

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Ariane Zwiers

Knowledge and resource centre assistant