Kaarslichtconcert: Sacha van Ravenswade & Maarten Hillenius

November 28

Hundreds of burning candles and the wonderful acoustics in the Portuguese Synagogue set the stage for unique evening concerts. This space is especially suited for tenor Sacha van Ravenswade, who specialises in both synagogal songs and opera.

Together with pianist Maarten Hillenius, the tenor makes a selection out of these two worlds. He has been singing Jewish liturgical music, or chazzanut, from a young age at synagogue, and officially as cantor from the age of fifteen. In addition, he became hooked on classical music and opera in particular, so he will also perform a number of bel canto pieces.


Sacha van Ravenswade, tenor
Maarten Hillenius, piano

Admission: € 22.00