Candlelight Concert ADE: Leo Svirsky & Reinier van Houdt

October 19

Leo Svirsky wrote River Without Banks inspired by musicologist Henry Orlov (1926-2007), who argued that religious music, in all kinds of traditions and times, has at its core the same goal: to dissolve the difference between the spiritual and the physical world, or between the river and the shore. And not very unlike electronic dance music - the focus of ADE - a sense of timelessness is also created here with repeating patterns.

Svirksy grew up in the American capital of Washington, but moved to the Netherlands in 2009 to study at the conservatory in The Hague. A recording of River Without Banks was released in 2019 by the renowned label Unseen Worlds.

Reinier van Houdt is one of Europe's most prominent pianists in modern classical music. He has built an oeuvre of his own and has collaborated with the likes of John Cage, Annea Lockwood, ANOHNI and Nick Cave.

Performers: Leo Svirsky, piano and composition; Reinier van Houdt, piano

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